• Currently operating in over 70 countries

    Currently operating in over 70 countries

    The companies in ASINCA currently operate in over 70 countries, the most noteworthy of which are Brazil, Colombia, India, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Chile, and China.

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  • Last March 13, ASINCA organized with the Chamber of Contractors and Works of Catalonia a breakfast with the director of the Catalan Soil Institute (INCASòL), Maria Sisternas. The event serves for Sisternas to explain the new social housing policy of the Government of the Generalitat and the different urbanisation, construction and cultural heritage improvement works
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  • Last January 12, the XX National Collective Agreement of engineering companies and technical study offices was approved; inspection, supervision and technical and quality control, in which ASINCA played a relevant role in the discussion. Finally today its final approval has been published in the BOE. Therefore, from today, March 10, the new agreement comes into
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  • Today Ferran Falcó, president of Restarting Barcelona, ex-general secretary of the Ministry of Territories and ex-Badalona councillor, has published an opinion article in the Línia, el diari metropolità, about the difficulties that companies in the sector have to when bidding for any contract with the public administration. We take his words as our own and
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  • FromASINCA, we continue to ensure that the legislation is complied with in the awarding of contracts. In the context of our task of defending the sector, we have also contacted the Presidency of the Tarragona Port Authority to notify it of the inclusion of an unfair and discriminatory criterion in a contract of  the ‘Technical
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