ASINCA takes part in the FIDIC, AECU Business-Days in Ukraine

On 25th and 26th May, and within the framework of the collaboration agreement with the Association of Engineers-Consultants of Ukraine (AECU), ASINCA was invited to the event “FIDIC, AECU Business-Days” which was organised by AECU and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine in order to facilitate the admission of associated companies who have shown interest and help them discover the country first hand.

With over 150 participants, the day addressed several important sector issues such as future infrastructure to be developed in the country, and the features of FIDIC contracts. Member companies such as BAC ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY GROUP and EURO GEOTECNICA were given preferential access to the event and allowed to give a presentation as part of a Catalonia-Ukraine networking event so as to promote partnerships.

With regards to the collaboration agreement between ASINCA and AECU, they ratified the points already agreed upon in their “Memorandum of Understanding” thereby expressing their strong desire for bilateral cooperation and support for Catalan companies to enter the Ukrainian market.

On the other hand, ASINCA representatives also made the most of their trip by establishing links with other engineering institutions, and getting a feel of the local economic climate after the events of 2014.

The future collaboration between ASINCA and Ukraine also expects the opportunity for representatives from ASINCA’s Ukrainian counterpart to come and visit the main infrastructure developed in Catalonia in recent years.