We impugn a PCAP of the Tarragona Port Authority

FromASINCA, we continue to ensure that the legislation is complied with in the awarding of contracts. In the context of our task of defending the sector, we have also contacted the Presidency of the Tarragona Port Authority to notify it of the inclusion of an unfair and discriminatory criterion in a contract of  the ‘Technical Assistance to the drafting of the environmental impact study by the rapporteur’s contradico project’.

Within the award criteria of the contract there is one that values the previous participation of the team assigned to the contract in Environmental Impact Studies only when it has been acquired in Ports of General Interest of the Spanish State, ignoring the possible experience acquired in other ports. This criterion violates the principles of concurrence, equality and non-discrimination.

We have informed the Presidency of the Port Authority of this infringement within the CCAP.